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Heat pumps are one of the most vital components of any residential or commercial heating system, and it takes the expertise and insight of an experienced HVAC professional to ensure that they’re installed and serviced properly. At Georges Heating & Cooling in Manchester, we offer a full range of heat pump services for homeowners, businesses, and construction developers. We have extensive experience installing and repairing a wide range of air-to-air heat pumps, and offer 24/7 emergency heating repair services.



Trane heat pump unit to improve energy-efficiency

Whether you’re interested in learning more about how a new air-to-air heat pump can improve performance and energy-efficiency, or need service for your existing system’s heat pump, our team of experts are here to help. We work on all furnace brands and models, and most repairs can be made onsite. Get in touch anytime, day or night!

  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Installations
  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Repairs  
  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Service
  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Tune-Ups
  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Inspections
  • Air-to-air Heat Pump Replacement
  • Energy-efficient Heat Pumps


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